Hanna Hasl-Kelchner, Esq., Host and Producer of the Business Confidential Now Podcast

Meconomics® 101 describes key strategies and tactics you can use to refocus and integrate your marketing, selling and staffing processes to achieve more success. Brian’s book is a resource we can come back to again and again.” 

2019 International Surface Event Attendees

"Best speaker so far!"
"Brian has a great way of breaking down the strategies for branding, marketing and buying habits. Wonderful speaker and presence."
"He was an awesome speaker with reliable and valuable tools to equip us when we return back to work!"
"Brian’s class was phenomenal!"

Charles Franklin, Small Business Trends

"Successful companies ... use emotional connections to drive customer loyalty and sales growth. 'Meconomics 101' breaks down how these companies do this at the most basic level so readers can build their own engaging and customer-attracting marketing and sales campaigns.

Krisz Rokk, host of the StrenghtinBusiness podcast

“I invited Brian to share his insights with the StrengthInBusiness community because what impressed me most about his book Meconomics® 101 is the fact that he took a unique approach - a “3 Lenses” approach - to looking at an entire business and layered that on top of the three pillars: marketing, selling and business management.”